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Thread: Blaser Left Handed Bolt Assembly

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    Blaser Left Handed Bolt Assembly

    I was looking at a similar post earlier today and it occurred to me that someone out there may have a left hand bolt assembly for an R93 suitable for a .243
    I could then buy a S/H rifle that I have got my eye on and possibly sell the R/H bolt

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    Hi edchef
    If you find one I would be very interested in buying your right handed bolt
    Regards andy

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    Try mark ingate on gun trader, I've had a few off him! Look under left handed rifles and look at the more expensive ones and you will find him!

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    Try Chris Potter guns:

    May have one second hand, and also pretty good prices on rifles and stocks etc,

    Chris Potter Country Sports | Gun Dealer Kent | Gunshop | Leading UK Retailer in Shotguns & Accessories


    damnant quodnon intelligunt

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