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Thread: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.......

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    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.......

    Merry Cristmas to All!!

    My Mum, God bless her, wants to buy me a pair of binoculars for Christmas.
    Being concerned for her I said I really liked the Meopta 8x42, at about £650. Mum just looked at me shrewdly.
    I tried to say that I couldn't see a difference between the Meostar & EL 42mm models I tried at a fair earlier this year. But she brushed that answer aside
    "What do you really WANT?" she asked. Without missing a beat I said Swarovski. She didn't even blink when I said they were £1,600!!

    ANYWAY, the reason for my thread is I am a bit non-plussed over which ones to go for!
    Please don't begrudge the question (You should be so lucky etc), I blame me Mum!!

    Choosing 42mm left me looking at the EL Swarovision 8.5x42 or the EL 8x42

    At this much money I wanted to try them in a shop but I live in Hertfordshire, and Macleods are a long, long way (only shop I found that have them actually in stock, and not just online).

    So, learned ST members what'da think?
    You live and learn........
    .........or you don't live long

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    Does your mum adopt?

    In all seriousness, a pair of bino's from Swarovski in either the SLC or EL format, whether HD or not will leave you happy. keep the magnification to 7 or up to 8.5 in the EL's which will cover woodland or hill well. I still use a pair of 7x42 SLC's that are now almost 18 years old, bought new just after I got married. They recently went back to Swarovski for a wee overhaul and came back with 4 new lenses, new rubber armour and looked brand new. During the time they were away Swarovski loaned me a pair of 10x42 SLC HD's. Very impressive. Could I see the difference between them and mine, aside from the obvious increase in mag in the 10's but smaller field of view? No I couldn't. In other words to my eye the 18 year old pair were still right up there with the latest technology in glass quality.

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    I would say get a pair of 8.5 x 42 el. The reason being is that you can then buy a doubler for the hill and still have a great pair for woodland. Don't worry about HD and all that. At the distances stalkers tend to work the difference will be negligable.
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    EL 8.5x42's. Had mine for 10 years and still wonderful to look through. You'll love them almost as much as your mum obviously loves you!

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I've got EL 10x42s as they were on fleabay for £700...

    There's a pair of 10x42 at £502 with 2 hours to go, and a pair of 8.5x42 for £800 with 6 hours left.

    Buy them and send them to Swaro for a service. Judging by JamRoss's experience, you'll have a rebuilt pair come back!

    Negotiate with Mum, and you might get the difference to spend on a scope or sh*tloads of ammo

    Enjoy either way - they'll last you a lifetime

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