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Thread: Doody!!!

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    What do you reckon guys? If they made it as a b/a .308 with a legal barrel could you see yourself popping a stag with this little doody?

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    They are around in .233,.308 and even in .303 and many other calibers they are used for target shooting of a bench normally out to 600 and a 1000 yards .If you fancy one they are available in the UK.

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    sorry for double post.

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    i think i will give this one a miss

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    not for me

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    A bit like the Thompson contender?

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    I used to shoot my rifle alongside a fella that was once the world class B pistol champion.. East Holme military range went out to 400 metres

    The guys would wheel their seat come bench rest out on the range and it was always amazing to see the results produced.

    If its your bag its a nice piece of kit..

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    I regularly shot 100 yd targets with my S&W 66 .357 and Colt .45ACP, but never with the assistance of a Harris bipod! Staggering to think that with a bit of concentration and a friendly breeze I was able to get reasonable groups, although patently nowhere near those shot with prone rifle.

    I made the great mistake early in my long range pistol career of resting the Smith on my ammo box, using a Barbour jacket as a makeshift sand bag. Five rounds of .357 later and hey presto, several BIG holes in my jacket caused by the blast from the front of the cylinder! DOH!!!!

    Good fun though. Shame it all came to an end.

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