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Thread: Stalking in Devon! Red, Roe + all species available.

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    Stalking in Devon! Red, Roe + all species available.


    We offer stalking across southern England for all of the six species, at prices that are great value for money.

    I am a hunter rather than a horn collector, so my emphasis is on giving you an enjoyable stalking experience, rather than just offering a beast of 'x' size. I also offer stalker training if required, so we can combine stalking with an ideal learning opportunity, for those looking to improve their skills.

    We have a comfortable hunting lodge on-site here in Devon - making an excursion easily arranged. Lockable rifle storage for your peace of mind. Based in the centre of a beautiful tourist area just north of Lyme Bay, there is nothing to stop you combining a some stalking with a family holiday or break.

    Outing costs of 70, + shooting fee of 50 to include cull Fallow & Roe, does or a buck to four points. Accommodation 25 pp,pn s/c - 35 including meals.

    Please contact me for full pricing based on your own requirements

    I have been fortunate enough to hunt with a few members of this board who will happily describe their experiences, if you would like some real-life references.

    Do get in touch - I'm looking forward to hunting with you!


    Ian Farrington

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    im new to this if i go on two stalks and shoot two deer it would cost me 240 pound just to clarify things thanx

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    No. If the two stalks were on the same day you would only pay me 190. This would include up to four cull beasts.

    Rgds Ian

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    Hi Ian, 6 species in the south of England? How far down have CWD got?

    More to the point , Red Stags, a big one, can you arrange this and what sort of price?

    Have also got numerous people interested in Sika , cull and trophies.
    Can pass a lot of clients your way if you want them.

    I'll send you a pm.


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    I can unreservedly recommend Ian's stalking and training operation.

    PM if you like or have a look at the report of my first ever roe deer!



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    Re: Stalking in Devon! Red, Roe + all species available.

    Quote Originally Posted by IanF

    Do get in touch - I'm looking forward to hunting with you!
    This is wonderful, You see I crash through undergrowth like a boar, carry bino's as a weight rather than to look through, develop powerful body odour to throw the deer off my scent.
    Chain smoke, with a hip flask glued to my mouth for most of the outing, prior to waving my rifle every which way, & because of this I didn't think there would be many on here that would do this for me.

    Only Joking Ian I don't do all of these things, in fact I usually leave a crucial piece of kit at home which can make stalking a bit more difficult than it needs to be.

    In all seriousness though, presuming I don't have terribly bad habits, I will certainly consider arranging something if I am down your way. Danny

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    bugger ian dl you can come out with me you sound great

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