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Thread: Kerry Sika stag

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    Kerry Sika stag

    Just received my Sika stag shoulder mount from our taxidermist.
    I'm really happy, as it turned out perfect in every detail.
    I shot this stag last September on the west coast in Co. Kerry.
    The stag was in the begining of the rut and in beautifull condition, at least before the 165gr sst....

    Generally the Kerry sika are apparently from a different sub-species
    and are mostly lighter than sika from other areas. Some say the Kerry Sika are the purest form. I don't know.


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    Gary Tattertons work by any chance?

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    Wow! Truly spectacular. Look at the ears! You must be chuffed to bits. Well done.

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    very nice 8)

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    thats a beauty

    Who did the mount for you ?

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    Very chuffed, the mount was done by Kurt Ecker. An Austrian fella
    who lives since ages in Kerry. He went full time about two-three years ago. Kurt has been at it over twenty years part time and is also a stalker.
    Nice thing is that the sika looks so alive and elegant in our living room.


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    well done mate excelent work done by the taxidermist hes done the stag justice

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    An interesting head with an unusual double brow tine on the left side and dissimilar inner top tines.
    Colour looks like a normal Jap.


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    i have seen kurts work its the best i have seen to date

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