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Thread: 35grn vmax.

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    35grn vmax.

    Hi All.
    Does any member have a reloading recipe for 35grn vmax in 223rem. I can find it for 40grn but not 35grn. I know this is for a 22 Hornet but will it work in
    a 223. The powders i have are Varget and VN130. My main load is 55grn vmax and Varget so the 35s are only a experiment.
    All the best lever man.

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    I used them in a .223 for a while, 25 grains of Vit N120, never worked very well as a bullet in the .223.
    Ended up with 40 grain Nosler's and 24.5 grains of the same powder.


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    If I have time I will run it through quick load, trust your barell is slow twist.


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    Ditto Hornet 6's comments. The 35gr VMax in a .223 was like launching ping pong balls; fast initially, but lost speed and accuracy due to the extremely low BC. Wasn't worth the headache in the end; I also went back to 40gr something or other in the .223 for varmints...

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    I threw 80+ into the stop butt at work, bloody horrible things. Didn't seat well, too short and flat based, and no benefit over 40gr vmax. Didn't want then taking up room on my allocation so saved the load/shoot part and just threw them in the sand.

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    Don't get me wrong, they're great bullets in a Hornet; they're just not suited for a .223.

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