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Thread: which Variable power scope

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    which Variable power scope

    which Variable power scope would you buy?

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    Quad sticks

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    Schmidt and Bender 4-16x50 is the pick of my optics for all round use though for woodland stalking the Zeiss 2.5-10 x 50T* is pretty good too.

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    well i've had a look at a couple of scope's and in the end it's got to be a zeiss 3-12x56 HT. anybody know how much the ASV+ turret is.

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    I rated Nickel a little better than Zeiss and so would probably go with a Nickel if money was no object and I wanted the best but in saying that I haven't seen any of the new Zeiss glass. I think that without question Zeiss are ahead of the other big names when it comes to glass but the other names offer advantages in terms of brand profile or back up if something goes wrong and the glass in them is certainly adequate for what we do with them so, as always, the choice will depend on exactly where your priorities lie.
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    If money is'nt a factor then a March would be the puppy.

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    just waiting for a zeiss 6 x 24 x 56 to be delivered for a 20 tac
    but all swaros on my stalking rifles regards pete .

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    4-16x50 does more than everything

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    Swarovski 2-12 illuminated ret'. Perfect stalkers/piggy/ paper bashing scope with a thin ret' and red centre for when picking up the ret' in poor light. I'd have this scope on every rifle I hunt with if I could afford them.
    If money is no object just come up with a spec' in your head and U.S Optics will make it for you and integrate your own personalised ret' into the bargain.

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    sightron s3 6x24x50 had ior swarovski s/b all were over 1500 not worth the extra money in my book if you want to see better in the dark get night vision

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