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Thread: Terrible News and a Timely Warning

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    Terrible News and a Timely Warning

    See here:-

    Horrible situation for all his family - and a warning I suppose to all of us to take ticks very seriously.

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    Terrible news my thoughts are with .louise,Scoop and the family.
    An excellent stalker and a good guy
    RIP mate

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    Having suffered from this, I can say how painfulf it can be if not treated. It's not a thing to laugh off over a beer, and the little suckers can get anywhere.

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    Shocked and stunned.
    Scott was built like the proverbial outhouse.
    Wouldn't of thought a .308 would have stopped him.
    Stalked with him many times, great lad.
    See him now carrying a large hind on his shoulders down a very steep hill.
    R.I.P Scott

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    A keeper friend of mine had it this year. Took months from him.

    A sad story for his family, my thoughts are with them at this time.

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    Absolute shock

    I hadn't heard, big strong guy.
    As a sufferer, it really makes you think.

    what a tragedy, my thoughts are with all his family.

    A very strong reminder for folk to keep vigilant and make sure ticks are removed ASAP and any symptoms are reported to you GP .

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    Terrible news and thoughts with his family. I know to my own cost that Lymes and its side effects is a serious disease and not to be taken lightly.

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    really sad news,

    thoughts are with his family.


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    I used to have a share in a syndicate on the other side of Ben Wyvis, many years ago. Shot many a Ptarmigan on the top and also stalked the area as well.
    Terrible shock for the family and a young age for anyone to leave this world. Having had Lymes it is not a disease you want to get. It is not only in Scotland but also in many southern counties of England, including Hampshire and West Sussex where I contracted it.

    If you are in any doubt go the doctor straight away.

    Our deepest sympathies and condolences to this young mans family, from all the Admin team and members of this site.
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    I was at Scott's service today. He was my best mate. We had known each other since we were 5 years old, a great guy who will be sadly missed by many. Im glad i have the memory of 2 days during this years rut with him on the hill with guests, 3 stags and great crack winding up the clients. My thought are with his family at this sad time.

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