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Thread: Has anyone used a .30-47?

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    Question Has anyone used a .30-47?

    Dear All,

    Has anyone used or is using a .30 x47 round? Any information would be gratefully recieved.

    I believe Bruce Potts uses one but I cannot find much on the web about it.

    Yours hopefully, Simon

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    I guess I would have to ask this, "Why?" Why would you do this? It seems there would be no great benefit over a .308...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarinePMI View Post
    I guess I would have to ask this, "Why?" Why would you do this? It seems there would be no great benefit over a .308...
    No benefit? Hhhhmmm! What about the powder consumption? There is certainly an economy there to be had. I was reading about the .30 BR round and noticed a 30-47 that was mentioned in the article, as I had never heard of such a round I thought I would ask for any information available. And for that I am still waiting.


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    Ah, economy/efficiency. I guess that would be a consideration and value to some. Make no mistake, I did not intend to disparage your post or interest in this cartridge; more so, I was just curious as to why you were interested.

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    New to me too. What case is it based on?


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    6.5x47mm Lapua (I would presume?)

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    6.5x47 Lapua it is, although before that was a standard case they did use others. I found more information on this site than any of the others : 30x47 - Bench-Talk

    It was a conversation with a riflesmith that piqued my interest, we were talking about short barrelled (20"/ish) stalking rifles (to be moderated) that would deliver bullets at 2,900fps to 3,000fps and he mentioned the .30"x47, something I had never heard of.

    I just wanted information because it seemed interesting. Just as I was fascinated when Lew Potter generously took the time to show me how he worked up to his .280 British.


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    I think the case would be very similar to a 300 Savage case. When you consider its 90 year old design there is nothing new under the Sun. The 47 will operate at higher pressures i would have thought though. It would be an interesting project and it is sometimes nice just to be a little different.


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    The savings in a few grains of powder would be small compared to the increased price of brass cases (currently around 1 each) the reduced resale value of the rifle and the need to have custom or at least hard to find dies. I think the only advantage is that you can be sure you will be the only one to have one. saying that I love my 6.5 x47!

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    The possible slight improvement in accuracy over a 308 would mean you could shoot at longer distances.....but then it lacks the power
    for longer ranges.... makes no sense.


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