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Thread: Lee realoading kit

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    Lee realoading kit

    Was thinking about getting a lee realoading kit any one use one whats your thoughts on them.want to reload for my 243 nothing fancy maybe summit around the 85 g head mark.stuart.

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    i use one for 270 and 300 win no problems the linkage at one point was week but now comes with steel not cast so all ok ,atb wayne
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    I bought the Lee 50th anniversary kit a month ago and seems to be a decent piece of kit for the money.

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    It seems to me that some people give Lee a bad name and they are somewhat less expensive than some other brands. However, I use a Lee hand primer and a Lee scale and they work just fine for me and I would have no problem with buying more Lee gear. I also use a Lee collet die for neck sizing and think it is a wonderful thing and it has removed a lot of messing about with lubrication and so on from my loading process.

    A long time back there was a chap who did a test on reloading beam scales. He did this sort of thing by trade so it was a well conducted test that was statistically significant, at least for the individual scales he tested, and he had access to check weights and lab scales. I can't remember all the scales he tested now but it was basically all the commonly found ones and the Lee scale was both the most accurate and the most repeatable and some of the other, much more expensive, scales ended up looking rather bad beside the Lee.

    I do have another, much more expensive, neck sizing die that I can't get to work at all well for the life of me despite following the instructions to the letter. I guess Lee could just as easily make a bad die now and then but I would certainly have no concerns buying Lee gear just because they are a little less expensive than the others.
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    I have the Lee Kit, i load for .22 Hornet, .204 and 9mm. I upgraded the scales and that was it. With neck sizing dies (Lee) the accuracy and repeat ability of the ammunition is fantastic, and the accuracy i get out of my ammo is fantastic. The Lee auto prime is great and easy to use, i would totally recommend it.


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    nothing wrong with lee kit or the other makes lee probably wont cost as much but its not inferior i load 243 in lee but load 20tac with redding simply cos
    lee dont do them as far as i know

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    I have and use the lee perfect powder measure, the collet die in 17 Rem, 222 rem, 6.5x55 and 308Win (thanks Jay B / Muir ) handprimers, decapping die, modern reloading vol 2 and the cartridge trimming gadget.
    Cheap but efficient describes the Lee products in my book.
    I also use a mixture of Forster, Hornady, Redding and Sinclair gear.

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    For a beginner now starting to reload they are keenly priced and perfect to get started with, but ill bet that most people will move on to RCBS or Lyman etc once they find there feet and start to replace bits and bobs. But ill stick my neck out here and bar the km priming tool they make the most responsive and nicest hand priming tool aout there. If gives great feedback to how the primer is seating and you can feel the contact perfectly.
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    I have owned Lee dies in .223, .222, .22 hornet, no problems at all.
    I bought RCBS for my 6mmPPC as that is all I could find in the uk, never again, badly finished and expanders on both dies off centre, enough that the de-capping pin snapped twice on 3 cases.
    I replaced them with Lee in the end, and a Redding Micrometer seating die from a member on here and loved it.
    Now on .243 and decided to try a set of Redding deluxe dies thinking I could swap the micrometer head over, nope :-(
    I have now ordered a micrometer top for the seater die, but will probably end up getting a Lee Collet neck die just for the lack of fuss and proven concentricity.
    I would rather use a body die and a neck sizer than mess with lubing case necks, to that end if/when I get a collet die I can see the redding full length die getting modified to body only.


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    I use the lee auto press for my 243 with full sizing (new brass only), neck, bullet seat and crimp with the auto indexing bar taken out of the middle so I manually index the turrets around to what I want.

    Great bit of kit and easy to use even for a novice like me. Took about 30 minutes to get setup with measuring which was nice and easy. Only thing is make sure its attached to something solid

    Edit: Forgot to say it makes ammunition that makes me look like a great shot so not sure how any other brands could make better ammunition for me lol
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