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Thread: Hi Guys ( and any ladies).

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    Hi Guys ( and any ladies).

    Been keeping an eye on the forum/site for quite some time now and finally took the plunge and joined a couple of days ago. I have been involved in field sports all of my life, getting my fist air rifle at the age of six. Went on to join the Army at eighteen and saw some action there. Now, (more years than I wish to divulge openly) I spend most of my spare time stalking , flying my hawks and a spot of fishing. I only use one rifle for stalking and that is a 243. I find it more than adequate for my needs up here in Scotland and have yet to lose an animal. Not everyones' idea of the perfect all rounder but we are all entitled to our opinions and I defend everyone right to express that opinion freely. I take great pleasure in involving my wife of nearly 39 years in most of my activities as, from an early age, she has supported me and is a great shot and falconer in her own right (not so good at the fishing). Anyway, enough of this rambling. I look forward to getting involved on the forums and in passing on what little I actually know about our noble sport, or anything else for that matter. So with that I wish you all well, good health and successful shooting.

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    Hello Jim, welcome to the site.

    Nice to hear that your partner is also involved in your pursuits.

    Look forward to reading your posts and comments.

    Good Luck


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