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Thread: Evening from wilts/glouc border

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    Evening from wilts/glouc border

    Hello I came to the site on a search for a 7-08 and thought i'd sign up.
    I spend 7 months a year out of the country due to work commitments so when home I try to fill my time with as much recreation as possible; my house is in the South Cotswolds but I spend little time there. Most of my shooting takes place in Berkshire and the Boarders/central Scotland. Shooting wise Ive shot and stalked since a lad but the amount has varied over years due to the normal constrains, the last few years have been better with 5 months a year off to chase my hobbies. These include most field sports, fishing, triathlon and running/joining expeditions. More of 'for the freezer' hunter than for trophy.

    I shoot: .22lr, .223, .243, .308 but looking to chop in for a 7-08 or .260 rem for a change

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    Welcome to the site JR


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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