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    Old boots

    Can anyone help me with my problem. I have a lovely pair of full leather DANNER boots and the colour has worn off . When i put polish on them and ware them in the wet it comes off again. They also go white and stiff. I would like to look after them is there some thing that i can treat them with and repaint them. woodfordfallow

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    Try a leather dye in the same colour and then look for some mink oil, ebay is probably your best bet. The mink oil is fantastic for keeping boots waterproof and supple.

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    if they are going white and hard then they have lost about as much of the natural oil and added oil that was present.
    Dye first then oil the crap out of them over a long period of time, I find heating with a hot air gun is best as it really soaks in (dont use the wife's hair dryer, she won't like it)

    once oiled move onto a wax based product as they tend to hold the oil in better and are a bit more resilient
    apply warm on warm leather for best results

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    echoing what bewsher500 said but its worth spending the extra and geeting a wax which has a bees wax base put loads on to pre warmed boots (not too hot) and using a pen gas soldering iron with the burner attachement to gently melt the wax into the leather. Run over with a cloth and repeat till the leather cant take any more leave to harden and buff up. The soldering irons are about 10 and are of use for multiple things but if you dont want ot buy one use the back of a hot spoon.

    Best of luck

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    Many thanks to you both ordering from ebay an then i will give them the treatment. Paint stripper gun at distance may do the melting. wdf

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    Thanks for reminding me how good Mink Oil is. Evil Bay here I come!

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