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Thread: Antlered Roe Doe...

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    Antlered Roe Doe...

    Whilst on my ground in the Scottish Borders this weekend I just seemed to be seeing yearling does in full summer coats or mature does (and one decent 6 point buck which i could not get a shot at ), when coming round a corner i spotted a doe's arse end at about 120yrd & thought hell another doe.... however the deer lifted it's head and started to come in my direction, through the bino's i could see about 1.5 inches of spike only on one side....., "she" was about 3yrs old & still in winter coat.

    Can anyone explain this abnormality to me?.....



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    Speak for yourself, glogin.

    I certainly do not like women with a moustache . . .

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    Antlered Roe Doe

    I think the name for this is Susan Boyle Syndrome or somthing like that!

    Regs Lee

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    Below is an antlered Roe doe.
    It was a fertile breeder and had a healthy buck offspring with it when I shot it one February many years ago.
    I had seen it earlier in the buck season and I had marked it down to be culled if I could find it in the doe season.
    The velvet came off in the boiling process.


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    Thanks - the size of the spike on the doe in the pic is about the same as seen....


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