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Thread: Fridges with internal fans?

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    Fridges with internal fans?

    Following on from a recent thread and a lot of hassle I've had with a secondhand drinks chiller, I'm seriously considering going out and buying a new larder fridge that I can use for deer and beer :-) I've probably just been unlucky and sure there are some bargains out there on eBay but I've been on the lookout for ages and there's rarely anything cheap enough to take a risk on in my area. And I don't want to buy another dud!!!

    However, I can't seem to find an affordable new fridge which has an internal fan. Beko and indesit both do perfect sized units for about 250 but neither have fans. Anyone come across an affordable option that has an internal fan?

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    sorry cant help with the fridge but why do you need the internal fan

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    Go for a commercial fridge, they have internal fans.

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    Internal fan to keep the air circulating - keeps the carcass in better condition.

    Commercial stuff I've seen is all glance looking for domestic models. Other option is a normal larder fridge with a 12v PC cooling fan fitted inside...

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    If your going to use a PC fan fit a thermostat to it or a timer so it switches off and on.

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    Why does it need to be on a timer? The fan in most drinks chillers run full time with no issues. Will a PC fan overheat or something? Most of them come with continuous run time ratings of tens of thousands of hours and only cost about six quid so not too worried about durability...

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    A Pc fan is too small really. You are trying to push large volumes of air. The thermostat is the best idea, set it to come on below your fridge temp, it will then kick in before the fridge and go off when the fridge licks in. Used in conjunction with a timer it works well.

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    Cheers! All starting to sound pretty complicated and a right faff!! Maybe just hold out for something on eBay :-(

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    Pop into your local maplins and catch a geek they will show you all the gear you need and how to do it!

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    dont get a Beko for god's sake

    They have a shocking track record for catching fire
    A family friend opened her fridge one evening to be met with a fireball which filled the entire house with powdery black soot

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