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Thread: Allegations

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    Does anyone have any info on difficulties getting a rifle if there are allegations of aggravated assault.

    I had a few scuffles as a young lad that never went anywhere, but found out during my FAO's visit they are on the police computer system. These allegations were unfounded and the PPS didn't take them any further, but the FAO actually read them out to me as they were clipped on to my FA application.

    I have had shotguns for over 6 years now and the scuffles were from way back in 2009.

    Has anyone had difficulty getting a .308 with situations similar to my own where they have been granted or denied a rifle. I must stress, I was never cautioned, these allegations never went anywhere but in consideration that they stuck to me I am actually worried I won't be opening my new rifle this Christmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronan View Post

    I have had shotguns for over 6 years now and the scuffles were from way back in 2009.

    Not sure that I'd quite describe 2009 as "way back".

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    Apart from the fact that N. Ireland has a "different perspective" on the issue of firearms, what did the FEO say to you in your interview? Should have given an impression as to where you might be going.

    As for "previous", speed camera fines fall under that reach over here. It's only an issue if you fail to mention it. All previous is known so it's your attitude to it that is an indicator of your character.


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    To be honest I would think that they would struggle to use that as an excuse as nothing was proven,but,on another side you really need 5 clear years clean before they will usually look at you again.I would join SACS if you are not already a member and see if they can help or at least shed some light on the subject.

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    I think I was being slightly political there with the description

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    I was totally truthful with my reply, and calmly and politely told the officer that I was more shocked these were even on my application. I must admit I was gutted and although the officer was very considerate I was more concerned how I could appeal in getting such information removed.

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    You have nothing to appeal against. There is no such think as a forgotten parking ticket when it comes to FAC.


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    A few years ago you could have got away with having a "colourful past"

    FEO's are being extremely cautious at the moment, understandably they don't want to be the one to approve an application for the next Michael Atherton, Raul Moat or Derrick Bird.... etc
    I'm not comparing you to these nutters Ronan but that's the harsh reality with firearms licensing these days.
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    As a 'young lad' in 2009 and having scuffles, albeit not prosecuted, I think you'll need to show a considerable amount of maturity has developed before being allowed a FAC.
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    Well where do I start, I have nearly completed my masters in toxicology, degree, as well as work with a portfolio of about 50 growers all over N.I.

    I am hoping someone with similar circumstance might be able to give me some peace of mind. Only time will tell I guess.

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