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    Anyone out there got a few cases? I don't need many. Have lost a few while out in the field and others been used a few times now. Plus I loaded 40 with 160 gn bullets so only have 20 empty now. Would be great to get 40 if anyone doesnt reload or could spare a few.

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    Got 38 pieces of S&B brass if any good? once fire factory, use Lapua for my reloads so sat on the shelf for the last 4 years.
    Any use let me know I live just above High Wycombe so collect if you are this way or will post if you need.

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    John, I may have a few you could have. Give me a call and we can arrange for you to pick some up in the new year.

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    Thanks guys. This should do the trick. Nice to have guys that are so generous.

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