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Thread: Scope covers

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    Scope covers

    Hi going to get myself some flip up covers for my burris fullfield 11 anyone no of good quality ones some that I looked at look like cheep crap ?

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    keep the bikini covers mate as the flip ups wont last two seconds, atb wayne
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    Get bikini ones...forget flip up ones as there doesnt seem to be any decent quality ones available now.
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    Thought that they really look crap cheers

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    I like the flip ups for open hill ,but they do have a quality problem. the last two butler creek obj lens covers i had both snapped themselves off with the strength of the spring with the first couple of uses. It's a bit like switches and plugs on spotlights, i cant believe that they cant be better built to last and function properly.
    Bikini's probably better for close cover as the click opening and closing the flip ups can alert roe if your close in.

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