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    Mount screws

    New gun need some help just bought a 1" Nightforce ultralite one piece direct mount (sa) in the end so i could get lens caps on ok just need the more bit of help .The mount came with 5 mounting screws 2 short and 3 a bit longer when fitting to remington 700 police there must be a reason for the different lengths please can you let me know.

    Thanks Steve

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    if the screws are fitted in the wrong holes you cannot close the bolt, fit the mount and look through where the bolt is you will see that the screw holes for the mount are drilled all the way, not blind, so if the long ones are showing they will stop the bolt from closing on the action, fit the screws in pairs ie two long to the rear, mine only had 4 screws on the rails that i used but the same applies about the screw length, take the bolt all the way out of the action then refit and close the bolt, i have seen rails fitted with the bolt in the action only to find they cannot remove it


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