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Thread: A day in Colin's office!

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    A day in Colin's office!

    After a lot of shifting around with work and family commitments I finally managed to get Monday (17/12) off and luckily Colin (aka Solwaystalker) was not booked so off I was at 5.30 to meet Colin for a 7.30 start on the roe does. After arriving at the village and in typical style getting lost, Colin came to greet me outside the local shop. Ten minutes later we were on our way to his ground, amidst light rain. Walking slowly and looking around nothing seemed to be moving. Total silence, and a forest that looked like it was bereft of any deer presence. By lunch time we did spot a doe and her (small) kid, but they were too far away and moved off before we could get into position.

    After enjoying a nice lunch we set off again, to a different piece of land this time. Again, not a movement, complete silence. Whilst walking through a forest path, looking and hoping, we both stopped. Almost simultaneously, we both spotted a nice doe that presented herself halfway up an embankment. Moving very carefully I got into position, nice bit of soft rising ground behind her, perfect backstop. And then she she took a step forward. I had to re position... Sticks up, took aim, and 150 grain left my .308. A split of a second later, the all familiar 'thump' a bullet makes when it reaches its intended target. 'You got her' smiled Colin. Indeed, after a tough climb half way up the bank, there she was, laying on the ground. Quick gralloch, and off to Colin's vehicle and back to the larder. I had finally christened my A Bolt and Zeiss Scope, after 18 months of them dealing with paper targets.

    A very very happy chap I was, and Colin was ever so helpful, never giving up the effort, even on a day like this where nothing seemed to move. I cannot wait until I visit again, this time hopefully for some wildboar too...

    Now all I need is to improve my butchering skills. A lot...

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    Well done, got to agree Colin never gives up, it was really wet when I was up there with him but on we went and had 2 successful stalks. I need to get back up there.


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    An enjoyable read, well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex View Post
    An enjoyable read, well done.
    I agree entirely Cadex

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