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Thread: Finished work yessssssss!

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    Finished work yessssssss!

    Finished for Xmas now till the 2nd just the shoot to look after which although hard in this crappy weather I don't class as work really .
    so a stalk or two with my buddy and the Xmas family shoot to look forward too and the usual family festivities .
    what you guys doing over the break ?
    Happy Xmas

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    Off boxing day, working then

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    2 more days then off to Edinburgh for Xmas

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    Finish Friday lunchtime, then same as you Norma, just the shoot to look after and get a bit of stalking in.

    Start my new job in South Devon in the New Year so need to get my head around looking for shooting permission.

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    Off tomorrow, working from home on Monday, shooting a mate's farm on the 27th (that will just be a few of us rooting around, sticking the dogs into pits, brambles, etc & seeing what pops out! Should be a very relaxed, no-pressure day - a good laugh with a few mates, and my son will be coming along too, which is good, and my 10-yr old daughter has even said she may come beating which will be a first), and then pheasant shooting at our place up in the south lakes on the 29th, and then finally hopefulyl getting a stalk in for reds early Jan afetr having had a trip in dec kyboshed due to weather.

    Whatever anyone is up to, have a good 'un!!


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    Sounds good mate!

    Finish tmoro lunch then out for 2 xmas do's so that'll write off Sat and Sunday recovering now I can't handle it any more!!!!

    Rest of time kicking back with the family, maybe a day or 2 shooting and want to try chefing something different in the kitchen like pigeon & sausage rolls, raised game pie and various pate's!! Bit of foraging for wild mushies and berries with the kids maybe and I need to track down some sloe's coz it's been crap this year to make sloe gin and brandy!!

    Christ I don't do as much at work, I'll be glad to get back on the 2nd Jan for a rest!! LOL!!

    Merry Christmas


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