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Thread: Any thoughts on Ruger 77/22

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    Any thoughts on Ruger 77/22

    I am looking for a .22 rm for rabbits etc.. and have seen a Ruger 77/22 for sale .It comes with scope and mod for 350 . does this seam a good deal or could i do better ? (The scope is tasco 3.5-9 x 40 ,mod unknown ) Thanks in advance and seasons greetings to all however you celebrate.

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    There Marmite rifles some people love them some hate them. I know where there are some 22lr match barrels going cheap for these actions

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    I have four of the 77/22: Two in 17HMR with extra 22WMR barrels, and one in 22LR, and one in 17 MachII. They are good actions and all of mine have the good checkered walnut stocks. The barrels are hit and miss, in my experience, and as it happens, all of mine have custom barrels. One of the original 22WMR barrels was fit to a Ruger Model 96 lever action and it drives tacks so that one was obviously a good one. Replacement barrels are inexpensive and install in 5 minutes with and allen wrench.~Muir

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    To add to Muir's post:

    Just be advised, all newer 77/22's are NOT drop barrels; they're all threaded now (I suspect due to the 77/17HH model now being popularized). It does beg the question about a 5mm variant potential though, on their now "standard" 77/22 action...

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    Also, as far as I understand THEY ARE NOT SAME MAGAZINE AS RUGER 10/22,

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    They can be interchanged, they just won't sit flush (the 77/22 mags are angled along the bottom). At least the LR's will...
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    I've no experience with the 77/22, but have owned 77s. As was said above the barrels can be a little fussy. With the vast amount of 22 ammo avaliable, I'm sure you can find one that your gun likes. I got into 22s several years ago and shoot them alot. I especially like the 22s, like the 22/77, that are similiar in size and feel to 'deer' rifles. Even reloading for centerfires, I can shoot 100 rounds with the 22 for what it costs to shoot 10-15 rounds of CFs. I get plenty of trigger time that improves my shooting. Plus they are a lot easier on the body/senses. capt david

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    On my 77/22, I use the after-market 25 round "banana" mags, when shooting off the back of the wagon.
    Saves a lot of field time re-loading.
    Mine shoots 1/2" at 60yds with most ammo, - I think some of the centre fire 77/22s can show accuracy problems, with the two piece bolt getting the blame. The remedy is to shim it.
    cheers, Tedward.

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    I have a 77/22 stainless synthetic rimfire with a 2.5 x 10 x 50 scope and what a great little rifle it is never lets me down

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    back to your original query, this was advertised recently on another forum:

    "Ruger 77/22 allweather in .22 lr
    Sak mod.
    High rings
    Bushnell 3-9x 40 scope.
    Leather sling
    PH copy bipod and spigot.
    2x ruger 10 round mags.
    Gun bag.
    200 rounds ammo.
    Front factory sling loop removed for spigot.
    300 posted to your dealer,250 collected"

    just for interest/comparison, - I've no idea on condition etc. but it's difficult to shoot out a rimmy barrel!
    cheers, Tedward.

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