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Thread: Thoughts on training, further education

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    Thoughts on training, further education

    I'd be interested in hearing everyones thoughts on this.

    At the moment there are various college courses, up to HNC [level 7], covering wildlife management. Most of these courses are full time and are used as training for those wishing to go into the shooting industries, game keeping etc.

    For the "recreational stalker/hunter" there are very few formal training courses other than DMQ, LANTRA which although vocational, carry no Further Education points.

    The HNC courses expect the students to be in a placement or at least have considerable "profesional" experience.

    I am wondering if there is sufficient interest, for there to be an online/distance learning HNC which would allow those outwith the industry or in full time employment to study. This qualification could be used to access other higher education course, act as CPD , enable someone to enter the workplace with a qualification, without having to leave employment to study, enable those involved in Stalking/hunting increase their knowledge.

    I forsee this as something that could be done over a number of years [or 1 year full time] and be done in blocks ie deer management, game bird management, habitat assessment.

    At the moment we have DMQ which is approx National Cert level and then the next training opportunity is a sustainable deer management module, which is post grad [level 11 /12] so quite a jump!!!!!!!

    Interested in hearing your thoughts? This is not about mandatory training but allowing people to progress/access further education

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    Bambislayer, i am on your side. i would also like to expand my knowledge but have to run a business aswell so some sort of online, in your own time course would be a winner.

    you would have thought in this day and age it wouldnt be too far past the realms of possibility. As a thought, may be the BDS could take up the mantle as accreddited "units" could be taken from a whole raft of courses nationwide and a course developed?

    may do some research in to this as i work at a college....
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    My thoughts are, to keep it seperate from orgs and to run it from a FE institution. I also do some work in this field and it is simple enough to put this together [just time!] , what will make it happen is the level of interest.
    The rationale for delivering it from an educational institution is that it will carry points that will allow it to be used as part of a wider study programme. Unfortunately LANTRA, DMQ don't carry such credits.

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    I had started a wildlife & countryside management Degree at walford college. I had to give that up when I accept a new job that had me living in Leeds for 7 months. So yes I would be interested depending on costs.


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    Always interested in anything which can increase my knowledge. Why nt think about doing something along the lines of the PH courses in Africa? The various component parts could be delivered at distance and an examination held centrally for those who wished to be bothered. Others could just enjoy the learning experience. Flora, Fauna, birds, photogaphy, trophy measuring etc, etc could all be covered.
    Anyway, more power to your elbow. I suspect this could be a mighty undertaking but with huge long term benefits.

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    Funny but I was looking just last night for such a course but found nothing. I'd be very interested if such a course became available.


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    perhaps the way forward would be to run a poll on the idea? (of having an accredited course) at least on here we would get a good response.
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    Will run a poll.

    anything run will be accredited to an FE college (you'll probably guess what one) . I would imagine 6 would be the min. amount per unit.
    It may be possible to use an ILA to subsidise.

    still early days, but very much on the cards, watch this space

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    I would also have an interest..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I'd be interested, but I'm not sure what direction this would take or what level of award could be realistically reached?
    Also, what would you then use it toward? Could it become a further 'rod for our own backs' as an award which must be achieved to meet certain criteria?
    I have DSC levels 1 & 2, have done the week long BDS Deer Managers course (LANTRA award), DSC 2 Approved Winess. I'm currently a good way through a Level 3 certificate in assessing vocationally related achievement which will allow me to assess DSC 2 portfolios as well as teach and assess DSC level 1 courses.
    I think that what we do tends to lend itself more towards occupational skills and education in the lifelong learning sector, which is currently where it is at.
    I'm a great fan of any further education, but I think there are limits to the 'theory' side of what we do? There should remain a practical side or we surely run into the realms of highly qualified 'deer managers' in grey suits who are making decisions when they may not have even been near too many deer!
    Education is a fantastic thing, but be careful what you wish for.

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