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Thread: Invited on a shoot

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    Invited on a shoot

    Iíve been invited on my first driven shoot on 29th December. Itís not an overly formal affair, a farmer friend and his local friends, but 6-7 driven shoots incl. pheasant, partridge and duck. Now Iíve been shooting for years, but always the solitary stalker/walk about with the shotgun for rabbits/pigeons/etc. type of a blokeÖ

    Iím assuming willies, moleskins, shirt, tie, green shooting jacket and tweed cap is the order of the dayÖ

    Any words of advice/common pitfalls to avoid?



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    Enjoy yourself and if you have any doubts, don't shoot. The following words are still worth a read A Father's Advice

    Merry Christmas.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pete evans View Post
    ...ah... well... I'm hoping you're right there Pete

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    Make sure you take the correct size of cartridges, warm gear and possibly there might be a tip for the beaters !
    You could always have a hip flask with some sloe gin !!!!!

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    get the paperwork out of the way early (a pre-tipped keeper should put you on the best peg) and always shoot the white cock bird if it flies over you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    get the paperwork out of the way early (a pre-tipped keeper should put you on the best peg) and always shoot the white cock bird if it flies over you!
    Don't shoot anything , unless you have been told to do so. It is the norm to have a safety brief before the start of the day which should cover what spp can be shot and when. If they don't do this ask the shoot captain/keeper. Never pressume!!!

    Some shoots don't shoot white pheasants, others will fine if you don't!

    Any tips should be given to keepers at the end of the day, it is a tip , not a bribe!!!!! Also, if you are to tip, make it subtle!!!!!!!!!

    If in doubt, don't shoot!


    Be smart but also be comfortable. You don't want to be so trussed up that you can't shoot!

    When given your stand/peg ask if where the pickers up/ stops are. Don't leave your peg until you are happy that everything is picked or you have at least informed the pickers up, what is on the deck. Take note of anything that may be a runner. If you have your own dog, refrain from letting it pick during the drive. If it can't be trusted to NOT run in either tether it or leave it in the car. Nothing worse than a manic dog running about the drive, you will certainly upset both guns and keepers!

    Make sure that you thank your host, always good to have some cake or chocolates to hand around at elevenses or between drives. Hip flasks are always popular but remember you are shooting and many will be driving.

    Again, enjoy

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    Pretty much as above but also:
    a) Take sufficient cartrdiges
    b) The correct type, i.e non toxic for the ducks.
    Maybe see you back in Devon next year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    Maybe see you back in Devon next year?
    I 'might' be in Plymouth April(ish)... will get in touch if yes...

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    Unless told otherwise dress as you discribed listen 100% at safty breifing takemore then enough carts no need to tip beaters only the keeper at the end and again listen at the safty breifing if they say no ground game they mean no ground game this useally means fox aswell etc most really enjoy game shoots even if they never do it again

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