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Thread: New Actions Are Here!

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    New Actions Are Here!

    Santa has come early to the Dane household.

    The first 9 of 20 actions has arrived, and i'm a happy bunny indeed!

    These are re-branded Alpine Actions produced for me by Jim Borden in the USA. I chose Jim's actions because of his exceptional attention to detail, and desire to produce the finest, smoothest, action he can.
    No taps are used in the production of the action, even the scope base holes are Thread Milled for perfect location along the central axis.

    Bolts are Ground 4140 at 44Rc, with a bolt to body fit of less than .002, and the bolt face is guaranteed to be perpendicular to within .0002

    First batch includes .308 Bolt Face RH Repeaters and Single Shots, .223 RH Repeaters, And WSM RH Repeaters. Lots More on the way as well as higher end RImrocks in single shot and repeaters.

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    Can't see pic too well on BlackBerry so please confirm if there are SHORT bolt/action options or are they all the same length requiring use of a custom spacer on the repeaters if using PPC length cases?

    I'll let someone else ask how much!


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    some monies worrh there,how mucg do they run at nowerdays 1000 a piece ??

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    If you have to ask you cant afford one!

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    My Callum Ferguson was built on a Borden action before callum had them rebranded. Great bit of kit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    If you have to ask you cant afford one!
    already got 2 abiet they are nesikas which are better LOL

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    yum - are they all accounted for?

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    Several are already earmarked for builds, but depending on what you were interested in then there may be a spare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danpd View Post
    These are all short actions.
    That's stretching it!
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