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Thread: Prolapsed uterus/vagina

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    Prolapsed uterus/vagina

    A mate shot this fallow doe a couple of years ago. Not only did she have a prolapse but she had part of her back leg missing too.
    Just to really make you grit your teeth we also found blood on the barbed wire she was jumping to get from woods to field and back!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Photo's courtousy of my mate Jason who also shot it.


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    Certainly did her a favour....

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    Poor bugger. It never fails to amaze me how deer seem to be able to carry on seemingly oblivious to grievous injury. Your mate did her a favour, as Nell says.

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    That is some of the finest stalking/shooting i have ever seen well done to your mate for ending the misery!

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    She certainly wasn't having the best of times was she.


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    I would just like to state the obvious and point out that I disposed of the carcase, after the photos were taken.

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    Well done, putting her out misery.!!

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    Classic fox wire injury to the leg but I assume the prolapse was unrelated, she was just blooming unlucky in life.

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