On the 28th of October i sent in my 101 form to have a mentor for stalking put on my FAC
And i asked if i could get an Open for my .22 and 17HMR rimmie
Got a Phone call from my FAO 2 weeks ago telling my yes i have the open and the Stalking conditions have changed in the wording
I can go out with my named Mentor and any Professional Stalker but not a DSC holder.
Got a call from the Met Firearms team telling me that my FAC is waiting to be sent out as soon as they get my old one back
So i sent it that day Monday the 10th of december. waited for the postman to come but no FAc came.So the monday i called the Met and after 12 Phone calls with no answer i tried again and yes this time i got through. I was told that my FAC was going to be sent out in the next couple of days. When i explained to the guy on the Phone that i would not get it back now before Christmas he said he would put it in the post that day first class post so that i can go out shooting over the Christmas
Wedensday still not FAC so i called back to find out if it had been sent and guess what i was told it was being sent out that day
So i had a moan about it and i was put through to the suppervisor who then informed me that he was not going to grant me my Open as he feels that i dont have enought shooting experience.So i called my FAO who told me that it was his Sergent that sign off on this not this suppervisor
Now my shooting partner has had his FAC for 2 years and he got granted an open for his .22 rimmie
I have had my FAC for 4 years now and we shoot togther over 3 plots of land that we have A golf Corse, Stables with about 100 acers of feilds and some woods in Dorking
Since july i have shot on 46 Nights with not one opps shot at all. Along with the 101 form i sent in copys of all the CAD numbers and 3 letters of referance
so my moan is how the hell can i prove that i am a safe shooter
so it looks like i wont be going out at all over Christmas which i wanted to do

And i am doing that deerstalking on line website test most days and will be booking in for my DSC1 next year

Any way thatks for reading i have had my moan now i feel much better

Have a great Christmas guy's
and a better New Year