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Thread: Extracting Roe

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    Extracting Roe

    What is your preferred method.?

    Drag bag, Roe sack, length of rope ? Sledge ?

    Trying to decide what to buy.

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    Landrover if accessable, failing that I've used a drag rope (cheap) and a roe sack.

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    A fold up Yule type roe sack from Poppins off the sight. Folds away nicely either on a bum bag or in the large pocket around the back of your jacket. Also comes in handy to sit or lie on if you are waiting in 'ambush' for them.
    Or a couple of lengths of para cord with loops in either end and use them round the legs to carry them out on your shoulder depending how far you've got to carry them.



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    Roe sack.
    Or sack and rope if too heavy ie. more than one.


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    Prefer the Roe sack, but usually forget it, second would be my drag line, which is in only one jacket out of 4, least preferred is dragging by hand - the method 80% of my deer are extracted with.

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Kiddies toy sledge as in the picture

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Has anybody used one of the drag ropes with the shoulder harnesses ?

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    Stalk with a mate who is younger and fitter. After it is on the grass stand about looking pathetic and wheeze a bit....

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    Roe sack !
    Clue is in the name

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Has anybody used one of the drag ropes with the shoulder harnesses ?

    I would advise against tying yourself to the beast. Not too bad with a Roe but never on the hill! A lot depends on your ground and will the public see you. Roe/Sika sack for me.

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