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Thread: February 2013 Pigeon Roost Shooting

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    February 2013 Pigeon Roost Shooting

    6 Guns available for various dates through Feb 2013, shooting mixed woods of Fir and Hardwood. 25 per gun.

    2 dates confirmed, Sat 9th Feb and Sat 16th Feb. Guns will be able to keep the birds they shoot.

    As per my driven pheasant post, please contact "270wsm" by P.M for further datails.
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    some spaces still available, drop me a p.m for details


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    Do you still have places for roost shooting and where is this place please?

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    All pm's replied to, a few spaces still available, drop me a p.m for details


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    Feb 16th fully booked, some places available for Feb 9th, pm me for info


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    I am interested in these days, what days are still available

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    Urm are you a time traveller? The title is for 2013, unless I'm much mistaken we are into 2017 now.....
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