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Thread: Re-registered

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    Hi all,

    I have re-registered under this name for a couple of minor admin reasons;

    a, the e-mail address I used before is now inactive

    b, my previous username was my real name.

    I am new to this stalking lark anyway so nobody will miss anything if my old posts dissappear into the ether.

    BTW my username is the correct (Welsh) name for a fallow buck, literal translation= Danish Billy-goat!

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    Hello BwchDanas,

    Welcome back again mate.

    Good Luck


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    North Wales by any chance?

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    North Wales?? you callin me a "GOG", pah how very dare you?!?!

    Wild West for me

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    Well not to put to finer point on it ............... yes!

    Much in the way of deer over there, can only be more than there is available up here!

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    I haven't seen any actual furry creatures myself though several friends have. There is a small herd of reds about, a very good mate of mine has a small woodland and there are plenty of slots there, the size of them certainly supports the red deer theory. The buggers are hammering his young trees so he said to me, and I quote, "thin their numbers dude!", I will be happy to oblige, and am building a high seat from some scaffolding ready for the autumn

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    Croeso Bwch! Grav always claimed 'West is Best' but can that be said for the ceirw? None to speak of over here in the east so I go over to England and shoot theirs instead.

    I am originally from the land of Gog but have lived down south for long enough to believe myself an honourary Hwntw.

    Will you be going to the Royal Welsh?

    By the way, west is certainly not best if your parents were called Fred and Rosemary.

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    I was led to believe that BwchDanas translated as wild animal and is west walian, where as ceirw means deer and is usually the term used in north Wales. Being a borderer myself I don't speak the language but the memsahib is a gog. Incidentally the outlaws always refer to me as a hwntwr (hunto) but usually with a snarl.

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    danas = fallow deer

    bwch = buck, billy goat, male rabbit etc.

    thus, bwchdanas = fallow buck (modern spelling tends to favour bwchadanas)

    as for other deer

    carw (pl. ceirw) = historically a red deer but more commonly used as a generic noun for any deer, possibly the equivalent of hart, compare with the following name

    hydd (pl. hyddod) = stag

    ewig (pl. ewigod, ewigiaid, ewigedd) or hyddes (pl. hyddesod) = hind,

    ewigod can also be used to refer to large deer in general as in 'reds' or 'fallow', thus ewigfa (pl. ewigfeydd) = deer-park

    iwrch (pl. iyrchod) = roebuck

    iyrches (pl. iyrchesi) = roe doe

    alan (m)(pl. alanod), elain (f)(p. elanedd) = fawn, kid, young deer

    twrch (pl. tyrch, tyrchod) = wild boar

    tyrches (pl. tyrchesi) = female boar

    other various :- hela = to hunt, dryll = gun, diadell = flock, anelu - to aim, missed - no equivalent word



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    Thanks for the info Iwrch, funny how so few of the Welsh know what a deer is in their own language. The memsahib certainly didn't know most of the terms given, and the outlaws are even less aware.
    It was a guy from Cardiganshire who told me that Bwchadanas was wild animal. He was in a pop group named as such and when they released a record some 20 odd years ago the traffic sign depicting a deer (wild animal) that was used on the cover.

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