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Thread: Bore foam vs wipe out

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    Bore foam vs wipe out

    Has anybody compared the above products in terms of efficiency removing copper and carbon ?


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    Only my own crude experience - foam's good but wipe out is superb!

    I use the wipe out together with the accelerator. You only need to put a drop on your threaded muzzle to watch it dissolve all the crap. Cleans out easily and no need for brushing if you don't want to, so no real risk of damaging the bore.

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    hi 6mmhot
    that foam stuff is a pain to get out of the bolt lug well. wipe was better now but use KG even better
    paul o'

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    Bore foam every time, wipeout is expensive crap. And the 'makers' are really unhelpful.

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    Thats exactly what i thought
    1/2 the price and seems to does the job just as well
    Thanks for sharing your experience

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    Cleaned my 22-250 last week with Forrest foam. Left it for a good while to work and then patched it till patches were clean. It has not been used since. This morning I received a bottle of wipe out. One slow pass with a soaked patch. Left it for about 4 hours and the next patch was blue with copper. I have used foam for a long time now but today's experiment has me thinking.

    I had watched a you tube clip of an American guy with two handguns both of which he had cleaned. After using wipe out one showed no improvement but the other when patched showed dirt around the chamber and throat.

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    get some barnes CR10 that will get your barrel sparkling clean !

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    Wipeout is excellent , providing you use the Carb out, then use Accelorator and then use the Wipe Out or Tactical Solution.

    Yes its expensive, so what?

    It works, Forest Foam also works, but not as well as Wipeout (I used to use FF, then moved to Wipeout after using other solutions in between)

    I also have a borescope and know what cleans my bores best.....

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    Yeah have a bore scope and know what a clean bore looks like.

    Anyroad you have to buy carb out, wipeout, accelerator, before you have the chance of a clean bore...wonderful marketing! - they could not only gouge you once?

    It is overpriced hyped up pooo at the end of the day.

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    I've used Forest Foam for a number of years and been quite happy with the results. My mate had a problem with his .17 fireball and wipeout was recommended as a possible solution. He was most impressed and persauded me to try it on my barrel. Absolutely nothing came out indicating that the forest foam is doing it's job. That's not to say that wipeout doesn't work because we saw the results with his rifle. I am happy enough with what I have for the time being but may try wipeout again in the future.
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