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Thread: Acute Oak Disease is as worrying as Ash dieback

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    Acute Oak Disease is as worrying as Ash dieback

    Article in the East Anglian Daily Times about the threat to Suffolk's Oaks

    Suffolk/Essex: Acute oak disease could be as serious as ash dieback - Politics - East Anglian Daily Times

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    So what trees are gonna be left to put my high seat up :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCOTTSTALKER View Post
    So what trees are gonna be left to put my high seat up :-/
    Telegraph poles?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    hi there,
    yes its a worring diesese, hopefully this one in oaks wont take a hold, we had sudden oak a few year back and luckly that wasnt as bad as they throught it would be.
    But it does show us how an important trees are. If the ash die back spreads country wide we could lose over 60% of our tree population.

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    this is starting to sound worrying, the Oak is the iconic tree of England followed by the Ash it is another chink in the armour we're all doomed i tell ye
    Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser

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    I,ve just looked round from my garden- if all the ash and oak were to go, that I can now see, it would be a very different landscape.

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    Acute Oak decline, Sudden Oak Death, Asian Longhorn beetle, Ash die back, get used to them all there here to stay along with our changing climate!

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    yes i feel your right, and we will see more of these in the future i think. Over in wales the FC are felling large areas of larch due to diesease out break.
    i just hope we dont see another dutch elm type disease

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    It isn't worrying me one little bit, I'll burn as much oak as I can get ,next to birch it is excellent as a firewood .

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