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Thread: Never too late for the birds!

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    Never too late for the birds!

    I was invited by my friend Robin to attend his shoot as a guest.

    I shot my first pheasant at 55 years old - never thought I would see the day when I was out in my tweeds etc.!

    To all in Robins syndicate - many thanks for a wonderful day and the breasts are in the freezer ready for Xmas dinner.

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    Well done chap ,I've been trying to get a couple of birds at the same time too hoping its not too late for me too !

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    Beaters mini driven day today at local shoot where she has beat about 80 days allready
    Daughters first day so i stood with her on the peg .
    first pheasant first partridge and first woodcock . six birds in total
    shes totally made up regards pete .

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    Think she might have beat me on her first birds by 41?2 decades! Tell her - well done!

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    I will always remember the first day my son joined me on a shoot as one of the guns. His first time out and he bagged a left and right on ducks.....a very cherished memory.


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