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Thread: Moderators and Accuracy

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    Moderators and Accuracy

    I've been having a whale of a time trying different ammo through my new rifle recently When a thought popped into my head!
    I've just been reading the topic about why certain rifles dont like particular bullets due to speed, length, weight and sin waves etc. When you put a moderator on the rifle you are altering the way the barrel behaves when you fire. Does this mean that a bullet that previously didn't shoot very well in your gun before you moderated it could now shoot better and vice versa?
    Has anyone found the "perfect" load only to moderate the rifle and find all that hard work is out of the window?

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    Hi Mick if it helps my outfit shoots the same mod on or off ,so if a round suits the rifle unmoderated I find the point of impact does not change if the mod is used ,and the grouping stays the same also.

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    If a particular round groups well unmoderated then it will normally group well moderated however the poi may/will/usually does change due to barrel harmonics.
    Mine, moderated, is spot on one inch high at one hundred meters but unmoderated has the same group but is two inches left and two inches low.

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    By adding a moderator to the end of your barrel you are effectively adding a huge weight. This has the effect of damping the harmonics of the barrel. Rounds that shoot well will generally shoot better those that shot badly will shoot better. Yes it does alter the harmonics bu usually for the better.

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    Cheers lads I can stop worrying about it now.

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    a lot of people will shoot better when they fit a moderator my own belife on this is that it take out a lot of bang (obviously) and a lot of pressure which make the rifle a lot less scarry if you like to shoot and people dont wince away from pulling the trigger

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