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Thread: Boot Shop Nr Chatsworth

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    Boot Shop Nr Chatsworth

    A few years ago I bought some Demon Oak and Demon Keeper boots from a place nr Chatsworth but cannot remember the name or exact location.

    It was out in the sticks a bit sorry I havent ant better details but if anyone could help it would but most appreciated.

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    not sure how far it would be for you but i think(i do only think too) that roy martin the gunsmith had some demon boots in. he could be worth a call?

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    Zizzy thanks Roy's is a lot closer

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    Don't think they do them anymore. I had the Demon Oak and the Keeper from there. Had the Demons resoled locally and they're still going. But when I dropped in for some laces, I was told that the boots were being made differently / by someone different and they weren't as good so they'd stopped stocking them. They're just over the hill from me.

    It was Peak rather than Outside who are a camping and climbing shop


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    Cheers guys it was Peaklander now that I've seen the name.

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