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Thread: Remington Model Seven ?

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    Remington Model Seven ?

    Hi all ,

    im in the market for yet another rifle , and a canadian friend recomended the model seven , just wondered if anyone on the SD uses one and could give me the low down ?

    thanks in advance


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    Hi Lee,
    I use a Model Seven in 17 Fireball, very light, handy, and accurate - great "carry" rifle.
    I've fitted an after market trigger, the rest is box standard and with homeloads it holds under 1/2" at 100yds.
    No complaints, other than most other aftermarket goodies are tailored for the slightly longer action of the Rem 700
    - still, saves me money!
    cheers, Tedward.

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    i have a Rem & in .204 nice short rifle, good accuracy & light i pimped mine from the all over cammo hydrographics to pillar bedding into a boyds thumbhole stock and flat olive green paint job . I got the model 7 as i wanted a project and paid 365 for a brand new rifle as no one wanted it in cammo.

    Standard rifle

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    Its a great little rifle. I had the mountain LSS model 7 in 22.250. Probably a bit more cartridge than the 20 inch barrel and light weight of the rifle could handle but great fun to shoot adn as light as a feather. I was tempted to keep it for a future woodland stalk on Roe in Scotland but it wasnt getting used so I sold it to a chap on here who absolutely loves it. Triggers are ok but need a bit of time adjusting or replacing with an aftermarket unit.

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    Hi Lee
    I have one in 243 it is a stainless synthetic but i have replaced the plastic stock with a Boyds pepper thumbhole and adjusted the trigger, it is lightweight and very handy and i will never sell it

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    Hi Lee,
    not back-pedalling here, but in the light of all these glowing recommends, bear in mind that these are factory not custom barrels. So whenever possible "try before you buy".
    I like mine,
    cheers, Tedward.

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    I have two, a preditor .17 Fireball Camo and a Stainless synthetic in .260 rem .

    The .260 is older than the .17FB and the stock has been replaced with a HS precision as the stock one was rubbish, also had a jewel trigger fitted . shoots sub 1" at 100m
    The .17 is as stock with the X mark trigger and shoots sub 1/2" groups at 100m

    I have rifles worth more than double these two, But they are the first rifles out the safe .

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    My mate has one in .17 Fireball and it shoots a dream after sorting out a few problems.
    He replaced the stock. He had it re-barreled with a Pac-Nor barrel. He had the action trued up, oh and he had a new trigger fitted.
    It shoots brilliant now.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    One of my hunting partners has one that he rebarreled to 358 win, not sure what make of barrel.It's an older model with a decent walnut stock.He did install a Timney trigger that is an improvement on the original. Over all its a great little mid range heavy game rifle, shoots very well( around 1 to 1.5 moa, 3 shots,100yrds)I've called dibs if he ever sells it , though I'm not holding my breath lol.They're popular here, light,handy and reasonably accurate, in the bigger calibers they make an excellent all rounder.You wont go wrong with one.


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    I've owned a number of them over the years and ALL shot well with handloads I might add !

    Of the bunch I've had the best one had to be the stainless synthetic Model 7 in 260 REM I had with the 3-9x36 Swarovski on top ! I just let that one go about a month or so ago , had bought it new in 1996 when they first hit the market . I've killed more deer with that little rifle then any other I've ever owned .

    I also had a pair of the Model 7 stainless synthetics in 7mm SAUM and 300 SAUM . I liked these two plenty also and killed a fair number of deer with them as well .

    I also had a pair of the stainless synthetics in 308 and they shoot great . However in my mind the recoil from them was worse then the recoil from the 300 SAUM .

    Had a couple of the blued ones in 7mm-08 , 243 and 6mm and they were fine but for some reason the stainless synthetic ones I liked more .

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