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Thread: Munty ?

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    Munty ?

    Does this look like muntjac damage. We have a few around here but have not come across this before.

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    to me the damage is to high up the tree or the trunk , an the trunk is to big for what a munty normally goes for
    if it was a sapling then yes you hav a chance
    more pics needed really
    as the height an damage is not consistent
    to muntie damage
    then possihly Roe

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    Squirrel bark stripping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman
    Squirrel bark stripping?
    Thats exactly what I was going to say. Normally you get squirrels ring stripping which causes the trees to die completely, but I have seen squirrels strip large sections on a trunk like that before.

    Pictures alittle bit hard to truely see, but do you have cattle/sheep/horses/goats in the area (can't tell if in field or woodland?)AS the marks are very similar to those i was looking at on a Norfolk estate Saturday gone. These were mature oaks in Parkland, where they have White Poll cattle occasionally and these had caused the damage.

    But as Stone has said could easily be Roe or fallow, little bit high for munty though.


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    On a permission i have, the cattle in a lower field have stripped all the sycamore in the same way as this. With 'peelings' still on the tree. Worth a thought.


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    I think the photo is a little misleading. This damage is probably no more than three feet off of the ground. It is in an enclosed plantation which keeps the farm animals out. I am seeing more and more muntjac and we certainly have significant rabbit and squirrel numbers. I was amazed to see the damage. Never seen it on my place before and at least three trees have been attacked like it.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    Doen't look like muntie fraying to me, although as there is no real idea of scale I wouldn't like to say definitely not. My money is on bark stripping, probably squirrel. Any sign of incisor marks?

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    Muntie ?

    Howa, I would go along the squirrel route. I have seen sycamore stripped like this and once caught a Grey in the act. An ounce of No. 6 stopped it.

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    Its not Muntjac damage, either stock damage or possibly a squirrel although both sets of teeth easily cut the bark. 3 foot from the ground sounds like sheep damage?

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