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Thread: Lab with a limp

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    Lab with a limp

    Got a 6 year old lab with a pretty bad limp, when he was 1 1/2 he jumped out a second storey window and was limping a bit after but not bad. Do you think he could be limping now due to that? It's generally worse when he's been out picking up?

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    Yip,sorry but sounds like elbow or hip dysplasia induced by said episode perhaps.
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    An x-ray may tell you.

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    Mine was limping on its rear left leg turned out she had ripped her cruxciate ligament. 1300 not too happy

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    Need more details, is it front or back leg, has it come on suddenly or gradually, is any part of the leg warm/swollen/painful. Was there lameness present after the fall from a height that has progressively got worse, is the lameness worse on hard ground?

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    Front leg, seems to be on bottom joint slightly swollen I'd say but if I squeeze it he doesn't seem to mind, pad seems ok too, I had his hips done after his fall and came bk 4 and 5 tot 9!

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    What you need to do is get the dog to a vet ASAP so that it can be examined, treated and perhaps then stopping the problem being allowed to get worse....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamross65 View Post
    What you need to do is get the dog to a vet ASAP so that it can be examined, treated and perhaps then stopping the problem being allowed to get worse....
    Good advice.

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    Suggest you consider srvet, his work is exceptional and he has facilities a surgical hospital would be happy to use...

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    Firstly it is not possible to be certain without a full and detailed investigation..... but my main concern with the past history of skydiving is that the carpus (wrist) may be hyper extending. This occurs as a result of damage to the palmar fibrocartilage. Unfortunately if this has occurred the only effective treatment is to surgically fuse all or part of the joint. This is quite a big deal and is a technically challenging surgery to get right consistently. My dog has had it done so i could email a video of the expected outcome should you wish.

    If you look at the dog from the side whilst it is fully weight bearing (may need to get someone else to hold the opposite front leg up) check to see that the angle between the radius/ulna and the metacarpus/paw is the same on both sides. I would suggest that the dog is assessed by a vet as soon as possible, particularly if it is getting worse.
    If after your normal vet has assessed the dog you still don't know what's up it may be worth asking for a referral to a Diplomate in orthopaedics. Unfortunately Bath is quite a way from me but if you fancy a (long)drive north then let me know.
    Best of luck
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