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Thread: Two cic medals both cull/problem deer ,,,,,,

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    Two cic medals both cull/problem deer ,,,,,,

    well the other week i was chatting to a farm hand who wants to get into stalking we got talking about medals i said im really not interested in them but chap kept going on about head sizes etc so i showed him a few id cleaned he said i bet there both medals ,,anyhow few days later unscrew the munty skull and the roe i had drilled to my shed/office at work sent them of to cic in somerset and to my suprise got a call today the munty made a bronze and the roe a gold albeit by only half a point but still a gold i couldnt believe it the munty was taken next to game cover as they keep nocking feeders over the roe was shot as a cull animal on a farm just down the road again free think i gave him a drink to take the carcass wot a result ill put up pics as soon as i get them back when i see people pay for this i feel very lucky
    is there a public list that they will be listed on would be nice to see

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    Well done mate! you were lucky. I think the Shooting Times print the English Roe Review annually so you should definitely be in there with a gold medal!

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    nice one ,ill look into it see when it goes in

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    Happy days Karl
    its nice to have an unexpected medal. I took a roe up in Dundee with member of the SD and like yours nice head,7 pointer. Turned out to be just shy go gold bonus.

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    as said id screwed them to the shed wall used them as a hat hook lol, just need a silver somthing to make the set, suppose i should mount them properly im buzzing, really not into trophy hunting but i can see how some people get the bug

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    got the certs and measurement back ,talk about scrape a gold but either way its a gold

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    not the best pics but click on them and they come out better
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