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Thread: sporting rifle...

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    sporting rifle...

    Having bought this mag for a long time i find that its getting a little repetive. I seen on the front cover ofjan2013 ... Stalking hinds with army snipers and thought great right up my street ..... but after reading the mag its getting rather boring , its a shame as i used to enjoy this publication.........

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    +1 agreed. . .I supose there is only so much you can write about stalking. . I would like to see a bit more about reloading and dogs for deer.
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    A good thread if it leads to a better understanding of what people would like to see more/less of including the style of contributions. But let's not forget that beyond consistently well written and inspiring articles our sport is no more immune to a finite repeat cycle than a photography or hi-fi (showing my age!) magazine as just how many ways are there to mount a Zeiss scope?

    I'm very clear about the type of hunting with a rifle magazine I would love to subscribe to but sadly this will remain but a dream unless the Meddler Press team decide to bin their split cane Walker carp rods for finely figured walnut and the whiff of 13 grains of cordite.



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    this is the same with any hobby after a while all the magazines on that subject have covered everything from every angle certainly most shooting mags have
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    They r repetitive
    I will buy a mag for 12 months and then change to a different mag. That way come a new season for some activity I get all the mags out for that month and have a read.

    I would like to read a little snippet or tip about the beast for example, "a red hind wee's down her own legs or a male will wee over its Maine during the rut " rather than a bloke who goes up a hill and shoots a stag.

    Most of the write ups seem to follow the same format.
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    Thought a little more about this as still in bed with the Flu and the penny has suddenly dropped. At least in terms of my preferred approach to combining vintage and modern sporting rifle in a 21st Century winning publication.

    Its simple. The UK doesn't have a heritage of hunting with rifles and in turn the number of books and authors available to draw on as inspiration and historical perspective might be counted on one hand if you start looking back from around the 80's. Compare that with books on Angling and its clear why all the heroes and inspiration of my youth came from the US as I'm sure is still the case today for those who enjoy rifles as much as they love to use them to stalk/hunt deer and other quarry.

    So, perhaps in another century we might have both the where-with-all and suitably sensitive publisher to crack it but for now I suggest the best monthly or quarterly paper & ink fix will remain c/o US air mail.

    Now, where did I put my signed copies of "Small Calibre News" issue 1 through to when Tod Kindler sold it on?



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    Its a shame we don't still have "Stalking" magazine from the nineties. It was a good publication and attracted contributions from knowledgeable deer men.
    Ken Griffin from Applecross and Struan Robertson the pony man were my favourites.
    It was a good quality mag' and I used to look forward to receiving it every month. Its a shame it had to pack up.
    Maybe, given the rising popularity of stalking, a similar rag could prove to be an opportunity?.
    Just don't follow the "gun nut" formula of the above mentioned's tiresome!

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    +1 for the stalking magazine. Ken Griffin and Robertson, we're my favourites too. I speak to Ken occasionally. No to articles were everthe same and none of the needless promotion of equipment.

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    I think it is very difficult to write "new" articles about deer stalking, or indeed about most things. In part the problem is that the sport is simple - you sneak about a bit, spot a deer, put a hole in it to make it dead and go home. The seasons are relatively fixed and so the story repeats every 12 months no matter what you do.

    Perhaps the "cheap" way to add original content is to talk about the equipment used as there is always something new on the market and, despite what we say, the fact that people buy this new stuff and that the companies with the biggest adverts seem to be considered the "best" brands would seem to indicate that we are actually very much driven by adverts and magazine reviews of equipment.

    To add original content without resorting to depending on, basically, marketing by the big brands is going to require considerable planning and a strong editorial direction and money. If I wanted to write an article about stalking hinds in my favourite spot it is clear that to differentiate it from every other place to stalk hinds I'm going to need good photographs as the story will follow the sneaking about, seeing a deer and shooting it format. The truth is that it is difficult to get good photos when stalking as it can be a full time job getting in on the deer, never mind taking photos, plus the photographer will need shots and angles that are not compatible with successful deer stalking. When you allow for weather impacting upon both the stalking and the photography then you might be lucky to get a successful stalk plus sufficient quality photos in a week. You also need a photographer who can climb the hills and who understands the sport plus you'll have a stalker and maybe a ghillie and accommodation and so on for at least a week. The result might fill 4 pages of your magazine. You probably need a minimum of 30 or 40 pages of this sort of quality content and I don't see how you pay for it when even a free site like SD has less than 10,000 subscribers of which only a proportion will be active.

    You could also go down the road of reporting science - i.e. deer biology and behaviour and this would be great but would probably not be enough to attract a big audience. Many people who want quality aren't too happy about it when it arrives and, of course, science isn't cheap either.
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    Already a pattern is emerging: We all want something a little different!

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