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Thread: 223 scope

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    223 scope

    This may have been covered before and i know a lot of hunting enthsiasts would frown upon putting a budget scope on a 223 rifle, but as new owner of a centrefire rifle, i am looking for an entry level scope that will hold its zero well. Budget 200 and under. Any help would much appreciated.

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    Hi Huw, I started out with my own set up earlier this year and was looking for a budget scope and ended up puttin a huge (62mm) objective simons on top of my .222 it shot well but I was never 100% happy with it as I overscoped hugely and it never looked quite right on my Tikka . For 60 more on top of your budget (Shopping around) I got a mint 6x42 S&B with butler creeks and my confidence using the rifle has risen massively and its not nearly as heavy to lug around and it looks more pleasing to the eye. The S&B was around 8 years old but I now have the peace of mind of there after care service etc and if I decide to sell i'll probably get my money back. Good luck with the search for a scope. atb.
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    Burris fullfield 11 on ebay for less than 200, belting scopes.

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    Hi Hugh
    Slightly over your budget but I have a Leupold 3-9x50 European with 30mm tube for sale at 220 plus post or collect from Mid Wales.



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    Definitely go second hand as suggested if you're on a budget. You'll get much more scope for your money and shouldn't loose out when you upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rooster View Post
    Burris fullfield 11 on ebay for less than 200, belting scopes.
    +1 and the ballistec plex is fine on .223 out to 300 yrds (after that you need to apply a little "Kentucky windage "
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    or a bushnell elite, leup variable or the likes....

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    Second hand any age s and b or Swarovski you should be able to find a decent 6x42 for around 200 or just over, i just like to add I got a .223 couple of years ago and didn't have the money for German glass, I put a cheap scope on it to get it operating, I shot two foxs with it and didn't use it again it was sold Saturday morning and wasn't used since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rooster View Post
    Burris fullfield 11 on ebay for less than 200, belting scopes.
    Have this one on my .270, been an absolute killer.
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    When I bought my .223 it already had a Bushnell Legend fitted.

    Excellent scope for the money.

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