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Thread: Ashdown Forest

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    Ashdown Forest

    Came across this on the AGBBS

    "There is more roe and fallow deer than you can shake a stick at,they are talking of major culling of the deer population on Ashdown forest up to 50%,no doubt the anti's will stop it perhaps they would rather watch them get run over on the local roads. "

    Thought it might be of interest


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    ashdown forest

    One of my permissions is on the edge of this forest, they do not exagerate
    about the numbers . The problem is the particular piece they inhabit on my ground has so many, that all vegitation up to appprox 4'6'' is eaten.It's the only wood I know of that has no brambles,fern,flowers or any rejuvination.
    When you do find them it's quite common for there to be upwards of fifty,making stalking very tricky. The good thing about this wood is there are ALWAYS deer there.
    The main road that goes through the forest has a sign put up each six months telling how many deer related accidents there are, so far this year its showing 63.
    During the rut last year while standing in the wood there were so many bucks chasing about that several came by me at a distance of 15- 20 yds
    It makes you keep your wits about you in the half light, great fun.

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    Set off from Eastbourne two Sundays ago at 1100 up the A22 through the Forest. Plenty of recreational activity going on and plenty of deer spotted and I was the one driving.

    Must be a nightmare to stalk safely with all the "occupancy" issues. The term Forest is an ancient term. It's really a rural suburb.


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