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Thread: McMillan stock for Steyr ProHunter SBS?

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    Question McMillan stock for Steyr ProHunter SBS?

    I'm thinking about buying a McMillan stock for my Steyr ProHunter (SBS in the USA).
    The only design available for that model is the A3 with adjustable cheek piece. Before I order from Jackson rifles for 666, does anyone know where I might find it a bit cheaper? Either from the UK or importing from abroad.
    Also, has anyone got any experience of the marble or paint finish options? Are the finishes durable? I'm buying blind, so any input is welcome.

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    They are square and ugly and in my op not worth the money at all .
    the custom laminated stocks look and are far better value .look on here there was a thread about a year ago guy in Ireland was making some for SD members .
    in the mean time my two pro hunters will keep the original MK II stocks which I find fine
    good luck

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    Danny Ryan Stafford synthetic stocks he will make any stock design and inlet for your rifle all his work is top notch and uses the best materials ie. fibreglass, carbon and kevlar.I got all my rifles done. I can pm his number if you like

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guesty View Post
    I'm thinking about buying a McMillan stock for my Steyr ProHunter (SBS in the USA)....
    I handled an unfinished Joe West stock the other day and I was most impressed. Joe West Riflestocks - Inlets Joe wasn't around when I was looking for stocks for my Mannlicher Pro-Hunter and eventually I decided just to sell it rather than spend money on it. Regards JCS

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    Thanks all for replies.
    I should mention that the rifle in question is not a stalking rifle, but a heavy 26" barrelled job with x32 mag scope for target shooting at Bisley. The current Mk2 black stock is certainly adequate, but a higher cheek piece would help a lot. I also need a bit more stiffness and weight up front. Or so the Mrs keeps telling me...
    I prefer synthetics over wood, so Gr1ffer please do pass on details.

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