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Thread: Current weather

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    Current weather

    If it's good enough for that guy who's upside down on the sofa,advertising something for a tv station, I might give it a go myself, just have to find where I put my sub aqua gear, probably frighten the foxes to death!............ Even the Geese & Cormorants have f*cked off!
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    Luckily went out yesterday and had a shot ,today well I have just splashed around the shoot feeding very soggy game birds and looking at soggy game plots with jans shoots to look forward too .
    on the plus side my bait station just up the field from the kitchen window produced a dog fox and his mate was shouting for him last night just the other side of the hedge so it may come and look again tonight the dogs normally let me know of a visitor my looking out the boot room window ,beats splashing around the shoot half the night .
    regards Norma

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    I spent an hour trudging across very wet ground with a so called light weight high seat -well it was when i lifted out off the pick up, not so with two hundred weight of mud on my boots- Normally would have been able to drive round edge of the field but going off piste is areal no no. Still another 40 mm forecast- happy days. Still I got a nice buck munty but couldn't get safe shot at a roe doe.This part of Essex is supposed to be the driest part of the country so I feel really sorry for every one else particularly for those down in the west country who have had to leave their homes.

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    Very depressing surely we must be in for a dry spell.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    No doubt there will soon be a hosepipe ban looming

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    Going to risk a look out in the morning, its supposed to clear up early so fingers crossed, just might get a couple out late morning.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Weather crap but i went out yesterday no rain all day .Had a real good goose shoot with ten in the bag.Then on the way home the heaven's opened up and i don't think its stopped since. So today I stayed home stripped the meat off the geese that will go into sausages. Then got the reloading gear out.

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    pissing pox arsey weather , at this rate im going to need my boat to get to my office on the other side of the front garden let alone go bloody stalking !

    im going to pimp my ranger into a toyboater style truck and mount me a punt gun on the top armed with slugs , then go stalking

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post

    im going to pimp my ranger into a toyboater style truck and mount me a punt gun on the top armed with slugs , then go stalking

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    been out pheasant shooting all day pissed down and hasnt stopped
    schoffel coat and leggings went straight through it that be going back end of january
    regards pete

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