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Thread: Can anyone help me to re barrel my Steyr Scout please?

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    Can anyone help me to re barrel my Steyr Scout please?

    For reasons it's unnecessary to go into here, I need to re barrel my Scout in 7mm-08 I don't want to re chamber it - simply replace the barrel. I understand that getting the thing apart is a PITA but the putting a new barrel in isn't likely to be that difficult. I don't know any gunsmiths really - other than screw cutting I have never needed one. I have plenty of rifles that I just haven't molested over the years. Out of the box, scope on, zero and away we go. The current barrel is plain blued steel and I'd like to go stainless with some masking black coating probably. I'd prefer it to be fluted and screw cut in 1/2 UNF at about 21" long.

    The alternative here is getting rid completely and starting with a new rifle and it's not going to be cheap either way I know. Truth is that the Scout stands out in my collection and at times is the perfect set up.

    So thoughts and contacts appreciated if you can or know of someone who can do this. I have a spare barrel on my ticket

    I'm in the East Mids in the Sheffield, Notts, Derby triangle. Just to reiterate - I am not after a list of gun shops, I need a contact for someone that you know could do this please.


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    I've rebarrelled several Scouts. Its a fair bit more work than a standard bolt action rifle as the barrel is held into the action with a collet arangement.There are a few tapers and two threads to cut and you can only put a very slim profile barrel on them.

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    That's really helpful. Could we talk a bit more about that? I shall PM you if that's OK. I'd certainly want to replicate the slim barrel to keep the aesthetics of the rifle. The reason for going slightly longer is that I want to get the velocity up a bit. I bought the Scout in 7mm to be slightly flatter than my .308. Yep, epic fail. I forgot that the barrel was so short that I'd lose about 400 fps to start with. It's actually the Scout that I like rather than the cartridge. I've plenty of plain std rifles. The Scout is great to carry, easy to bring up and even swing through. Shooting from the shoulder is a breeze too. So I like the format, just need to change the tube up front for a couple of reasons.

    Thanks for that quick response


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    Are you sure you're giving up 400 fps? 20" of barrel isn't *that* short.

    Bear in mind that if you're replacing the barrel with something longer and without similar fluting you'll lose that handiness: it's very heavily fluted.

    The grass is always greener

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    Thanks Mat - but it's 19" I believe and I have had the ammo over the chrono so I know how fast it isn't going. No intention of changing the barrel profile really as I said in my earlier post. Barrel has to be changed. It's not an option. Not all of the barrel is fluted of course, only the bit that sticks out. I know what you mean about it being handy. I don't want to spoil it, but there it is.


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    I seem to remember the manual showing the assembly diagram where the barrel is drawn it s fluted under the forend tube too,could be wrong... the barrel is scarily thin!

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    If you look at pictures of the steyr ultralight, you can see the barrel is fluted at the front, solid then fluted over the forend I'm pretty sure the scout is the same

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    Cheers Mat, but not quite sure how that helps me. I need a smith who can do the work for me. Design comes later based on what is available I guess. But, yes it it pretty thin, It heats up fast, but cools quickly too.


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    Chris Dasherman rebarrelled my 7mm08 I opted for a 1-9 twist which gets the speed back up and compensates for the shorter barrel, he's a first class smith you certainly won't be disappointed with his work.
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    Now that isn't something I had thought about. Changing the twist rate. So what do you shoot through yours then? Typically I was running 139 grain in mine. I tried lighter bullets to get the velocity back up too. Any idea what MV you are achieving. I am guessing that you went with std length replacement?

    That is a really helpful response pierred. Many thanks.


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