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Thread: New Forest Fallow Stalking, August 2009

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    New Forest Fallow Stalking, August 2009


    I am going to throw out a few days early Fallow stalking/culling for SD Members who feel like a change of venue, it will be Prickets & Sorrels rather than larger beasts as they will still be in velvet.

    Cost will be 150 per person for a 3 hour morning/ 3 hour evening slot which will be accompanied, as its cull animals there will be no trophy fees payable or limits on number taken.

    Its a private 1100 acre estate on the northern edge of the New Forest -(Hants/Wilts Border) & is about 80% broad Leaf woodland, the deer density is very high & I would hope that anyone that takes a day or two should fill their boots at that time of year.

    Dates available are 3rd,4th & 5th or August only sorry.

    All culld deer will be retained by us.

    Regards Lee

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    Is the carcase included? If not how much do you charge?

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    We ratain the carcasses as we are a game dealer, however should you wish to take one or two then these can be purchased at dealer price for the begining of August-which I would expect to be about 1.75 per Kilo.

    Regards Lee

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    I stalk this estate and it's really lovely and with a lot of fallow on it.

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    Forgive me if I'm being dense, but will that work out at 300 per day, or is it effectively 75 a stalk?


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    Sorry Guys

    But I thought it was pretty clear-co just to clarify once again:

    Cost is 150 per day for 2 outings, with no other fees payable regardless of how many fallow you shoot, if you want an odd outing or a day & a half then the single outing is charged at 75 only.

    I have tried to price these days so that members can have a nice little break for a day or two in the New Forest on a fantastice private estete & a have good chance of taking alot of deer.

    Regs Lee

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    another pm on its way...

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    Thats a cracking offer!

    Enjoy the gralloching!

    Rgds Ian

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    field dressing


    Dont worry I am pretty used to being up to my elbows in blood & guts mate, I have shares in a rubber glove & sleeve guard company!

    Regs Lee

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