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Thread: MOLLE style packs

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    MOLLE style packs

    Most of us have a daysack to bung in the car with some "bits n pieces" for the days stalking and I wondered if anyone is using one these MOLLE style daysack packs for their stalking gear?

    They look quite practical with the zipped compartments.

    Id be keen to hear from anyone using these- to hear some feedback and also if its a 28 or 40 litre size.

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    I use a Camelbac Ambush one It's only about 3 litres of of space plus 3.1 for water sack. I fit my knives, drag harness, bags for offal, gloves, cable ties and hang a flask on the moelle attachments for when i'm sitting up. It's small enough not to interfere with your rifle ( though do tie down the top handle, that can catch in your bipod) and doesn't hang out past your side and get caught up in bushes as you go the through the undergrowth. If you want a bit more room, either don't use the water sac or buy the next size up which is the M.U.L.E - 3 litres water sack and 8 litres storage

    I use mine all the time and because everything is kept together its hard to leave things behind because you've left them in another coat pocket. Highly recommend them


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    Totally dim question as usual but what does the Molle bit refer to, how do you use it and do I need one!!?

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    Well after 30 years in the mountains (INCLUDING ARCTIC) and 7 years miltiary Infantry service I am surprised you feel my query to be "totallydim" and you dont know what MOLLE system is--oh dear
    You may like to reconsider your approach to this forum.

    24526800-- been there, seen it, but always listen to new ideas.

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    Scrum 69
    Thanks very much indeed for your constructive input.

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    heres the item for discussion...file:///C:/Users/cm/Desktop/pack.htm

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    Quote Originally Posted by trimix View Post
    2452? You short timer!

    TBF, I think srvet was being self-deprecating with his question; implying that he was dim-witted for not knowing what the Molle system is.

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    trimix: I think srvet meant that his own question was "dim" not yours

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    AHHHH ...penny dropped!
    Apologies in that case...Yes after a re read I see apology to srvet and thence has anyone got an opinion on these :

    Kombat British Army Day Pack Small Sack Combat Rucksack Bergen Molle Green New 28 Litre L: Clothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    trimix: I think srvet meant that his own question was "dim" not yours
    + 1. Bit of an over reaction.

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