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Thread: Reloading videos

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    Reloading videos

    Just found these on Youtube. Found them informative as a complete novice to reloading. Tried to embedd them without success but click on the links and you'll see them anyway. Sorry if youve already seen them.

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    i see he was using Lee kit there, but he mad no mention of setting up the dies etc. Go HERE to find out out to set up Lee dies. Also the way he was using the dipper to measure out powder was not right. I suspect that he was using the one and only dipper that comes with a set of dies and making it work to fit his particular load. Lee dippers come in a complete set, you find the one you want and use that to dispense the powder, fill the dipper, then wipe across the top with a card or whatever to level it off and there you are, the same load every time. However it is an insight into reloading that novices will find very useful.


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    Thanks for your comments John. I realise it was only a basic overview of what must be a massive subject with many different methods and tools to get the end result.



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    PS - Useful link, thanks again 8)

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