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Thread: What really matters

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    What really matters

    Just returned home to two fire engines, a small kitchen fire, a burnt out cooker and a smoke filled house.

    The only thing I was bothered about was the dogs and thankfully they are both ok.

    Thank god we have a wired in CO2 and Smoke detectors that rang the fire brigade

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    Sorry to hear that. I was in Glasgow, got a call and returned home to this.....

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    Very sad, spent a year working thorough it. Tip top condition, loads of extras and hours of work. Cause was nothing I had put in fortunately. Parked 2 feet from the front door. Took an hour to put out.


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    Pleased that noone ( including dogs) was hurt and hope both your Christmas's improve drastically from now on



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    never a good time for something like this but atleast everybody is safe crap timing tho just before christmas
    Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser

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    We suffered a very similar event many years ago with a serious kitchen fire, caused by a faulty cooker. It is not something one forgets in a hurry. The smoke damage here was very costly to repair so be on the ball with the insurers on that aspect. It is easy to underestimate the cost of redecorating, cleaning/replacement of smoke damaged soft furnishings, clothing etc.
    On a lighter note, I remember my labrador trying to eat a slice of bread that I had thrown into the garden with the burning microwave and the bread was still burning !
    We to were very fortunate with my wife, two small children and the dogs all got to safety. As you so rightly say, thats what really matters.
    With very best wishes.

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    don't thank god mr lewis its you who arranged smoke detectors that saved your dogs and on top of that you can see the plus side of what has happened.i think its safe to say with your great attitude christmas will be good.
    top bloke

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    Like you say Mr Lewis what really matters is that no one was hurt, including the dogs. Sorry to hear of the fire but it probably would have been much more serious if you hadn't put in the smoke detectors and a linked system at that. I've seen too many fires and traffic accidents over the years at Christmas and the New Year and never want to witness that sort of sadness and misery ever again. A few months on and it will be only a memory but fortunately you be able to sit down and say "do you remember when-". Have a good Christmas.
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