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Thread: deerhunter tempest v swedteam titan

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    deerhunter tempest v swedteam titan

    saved up for the titan after having been very dissapointed with the tempest smock
    was out on a driven day here in west yorks yestersday and it proper hoyed it down my mate has the tempest and he was soaked after aboot an hour of continuous drenching the swedteam coat shrugged the worst off, swedteam jacket is relativley new but im really impressed not had any of their gear before but i would update with it when my other stuff wears out
    i thought the deerhunter tempest was going to be a good smock but it really dissapointed me and my friend was unhappy yesterday with it
    just wonderd if you guys had any comments
    cheers scout

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    Ive been thinking about buying a deerhunter tempest smock maybe i should have a re think if they dont seem to be waterproof !

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    Don't get a thing from deer hunter its all crap I have too Meany a thing over the years a waist of money mate.

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    I got a Swedteam Titan as soon as they came out, tried it on & could hardly get my arms through the sleaves!Measured the width half way between the cuff & elbow, it measured 16.5 cm, I then measured a few other coates I have, Barbour, Sportchief, Barghaus & Paramo, they all were about 24 to 26cm, I spoke the the guys at Bushwear, who are great to deal with, and all the others were the same size, this means I could only a single light base layer or a shirt on under the Titan!!, no good, it went back.I hope this is addresed when they make the next batch.

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    i got the 3xl when it came out too its a bit snug but love the coat beats hands down anything ive seen or worn and especially beats that that tempest joke of a coat rubbish wouldnt have deerhunter kit again

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